• it was a moving piece of music and the memories of his past to present.I RECOMMEND TO ALL PARENTS!!!!!!!!

  • It changes the mood because when his wife came, it was kind of a normal tempo but when the war came it was a bit of a lower key. When it was his childhood and when his grandson came the key was a bit higher.

  • It makes me feel quite sad but grateful that I have a family.

    I that the music changes as the music changes. Take him getting the hobby-horse, the music changed as he started to ‘ride’ the hobby-horse and he was happier thatn he had been and handed it down to his grandson. He felt mended as his grandson and him shaed the piano.

  • It made me feel like i died with the man that was in the war…..
    the man was VERY strong and brave for holding all of that and his grand son is with him!
    and he was very nice that he passed his hobby-horse to his grandson

  • this makes me think about the man’s life and his experiences. the video shows me that the man had a wife (that probably died because of the way she was portrayed), he served in the war( his friend died) and he got a hobby horse for his birthday( or something like that). some of the memories are happy memories and some are sad. i personally think that the man is transported to important landmarks ink his life when he plays the piano. a bit like me actually. i love playing the piano.

  • This clip makes me feel joyful and saddened, as there are parts in the clip where I am near the verge of tears and other bits I feel very happy. I think that the mood changes as he plays because of change of key as when his friend dies the tune is quite slow and low. But then when he gets the hobby horse as a child the tune is quick and high as he is feeling happy. The clip makes you feel many different emotions

  • This clip is about an old mans life, who has gone through a lot.
    All of these are memories.
    This man had a wife that passed away, i know that because she fades a way with a kiss.
    Then he he remembers the time that he went to fight in the war. He was a medic,he carried a rifle and a first aid kit on him at all times, he ran to the back of a wall, where his friend was. He told his friend to shoot but in a blink of an eye he was on the ground. He couldn’t do anything to help.
    Then he has a flash back of his childhood when he got a hobby horse (a old fashioned toy) This was a very happy moment of his life.
    He was still playing the piano while thinking of all of these.


    At the start, the mood is quite sad and the man’s face is quite miserable. The parts of the piece he is playing reflect the mood in that scene. In the first part, it is quite slow and quiet as he is reflecting on the music. When his wife joins him, the piece becomes a little bit more happy as she plays higher on the piano. I think it’s happier because as well as feeling sad for the loss of his wife, the old man might be cheered up to see her again. As he becomes a soldier, the music gets quicker as they are running and slower as the man dies in the old man’s arms to represent his devestation and guilt as he watches his collegue fade away. When he gets his hobby horse, it is a rezlly happy scene since he is so excited and delighted to get his gift. The music speeds up as he gallops on his horae because he is so grateful and is having lots of fun. The scene at the end when his grandson joins him is very comforting and the music slows down and IS HAPPY AS THEY SMILE AT EACHOTHER.

  • When I watch this clip I have mixed emotions, because some of it is very sad! In class we have been looking at this and most of the class think that the ghost is his wife, but we don’t know that for sure. I think that the ghost might have been his sister. When you watch this clip a couple of times you notice different things, I have watched it a lot and that is why I have mixed emotions about this clip. In this clip there is four main events, the first two events are sad (in my opinion) Because a ghost like figure appears and gives the person playing the piano a small kiss then fades. This makes you think the ghost was someone he loved and now misses. In the second main event you see him in the war, and then another solider gets shot, I think this solider might have been his friend or brother. After these two tragic events you see him when he his a little boy, a happy boy, then long arms reach down and gives him a hobby horse, I think it might have been his birthday because when he was a child he wouldn’t have been able to have gifts everyday (only at Christmas or his birthday). Then the last event is when a young boy jumps up to the piano next to the old man and plays the last note with him, this is my favourite bit in the clip because we are back in the modern day and I think the little boy is his grandson. This last bit makes me feel happy because in the clip you see his past, in which there has been death, and the little boy there (his Grandson) makes the old man happy, because he smiles sweetly at him!

  • The Piano’s Mood
    By Joseph

    The mood changes drastically during the video. At the start he is playing the piano and probably feels quite reflective. But after this, a ghostly version of his wife comes and plays with him. He must feel very sad and devastated as he is remembering playing the piano with his wife. Then, he is a medic in the war and his friend gets killed. This must feel tragic and dreadful as he is losing his best friend. Next in the video, he receives a hobby-horse as a gift. He probably feels really grateful and excited that he got a present. It then switches to his grandson playing with the same horse, then he comes to play on the piano with the man. He probably feels joyful and grateful of the present. Even though he is remembering these horrible things he is enjoying the present.


    I like watching it because it makes me feel lots of different emotions and it helps me understand what the man is feeling, because the mood and tempo of the music change according to what is happening. When it is quite a sad moment like when his wife has died or when he was in the war the pianist plays very gently and quietly. When he gets his hobby-horse and starts riding it the music is fast and jumpy, because he is happy and he is going quite quickly. It makes me feel sad when his wife comes, because it is sad and it is a gloomy atmostphere. When he gets his hobby-horse I feel happy, because he is smiling. The end of the clip is my favourite when he and his grandchild are playing the piano together and they are both smiling, because they are sharing their memories together and the pianist seems happy that his happy and sad life has led to such a happy moment.

    • I agree the music brings a kind of sad reflection. I am glad you like the end!

  • It makes me feel a little bit emotional when the music plays and when i see all his grateful and hurtful treshured memores like when he riseved his very first hobby horse. Well,when the tempo changes as the old man was in the war as a medic his friend got shot and he just could’nt save him the tempo went on a very high but low tune as it moved on to the next thing which is when he recived the wooden hobby horse.

  • This clip makes me feel sad about the mans life at the start of the clip because he has lost his friend in the war and that he lost his wife and it seems as if when he plays the piano all his memories come rushing back. Near to the end when it shows his childhood the man/little version of him i feel happy foe him because he opens a massive present from his mum an dad and it was a hobby horse he was overfilled with joy and plays with it hours on end.
    How the mood,man and type of part in the music i think is really good because when we see the wife the mood is sad and the music is sad and quiet. In the war the music is a bit more unhappy but the tempo speeds up. In the childhood the music and mood is happy because he is opening a present. It fits really well and The Piano is a great clip.

    • I am glad you enjoyed it, Ellie

  • The Piano makes me feel delighted and heartbroken at some parts of the memories he had. The music is calm and relaxing. The most sorrowful memory was when his wife came and played the piano with his husband and then kissed him on the cheek and faded away and i knew that she died because she was like a ghost form and the tune was high pitched.

  • This song is quiet sad and a bit of happy in it because of what happened in the war. Also what happened to his wife. The happy bits are when he gets his hobby horse. Also that his grandson came to his house. But to me personally this song make me feel a bit sad but not in a crying mood, but just in a concentrated way. The bit that I found the sadist was when his wife died because he looked heart broken and tormented that he had lost his wife forever. Also he will never get her back to hold her hand. To play the piano with her and to never play when she was sleeping. Also I think that when his grandson comes, that is a happy moment as well because they can have some granddad to grandson time and at least bond and with each other and make him feel much much better.

    • Bryan, I think this piece of music made you feel very emotional.

  • The mood I feel is heart-broken because the way the elderly man brought back his memories from the preveus times. Like back in order and when he was on the piano the his memories in life came back to him.I feel heart-broken because some of his time in life you still have to carry on in life and still be strong. The story flowed bit by bit.
    The mood of the tempo is that its starts off normal then the next scene slows down because his wife had died. Next it slows again. I think his friend died in the war maybe world war 2?

  • His mood is sad when the notes are low but when they are high, for example at the beginning, he is playing very low notes which gives him sad memories about his wife dying; also his best friend dying in the war. However, when he is playing high notes it gives him good memories.

    • I think you have made some careful observations about the mood of the piece. I wonder how you feel when you listen to the changes…

  • It looks like when he plays the piano all his recent memories and when his wife came played the piano with him. Then faded away. That might mean that she is gone. Then after when he was in the war,they shot his friend/ best friend, he might be feeling pain in his body because he has just lost his friend . When they gave him his hobby horse he might be feeling excited because he is going to have a new game to play with. You can see that he was having dark clothes maybe he wasn’t that rich to afford coloring clothes but then when he was playing, his clothes changed to modern clothes that might be his grandson.
    His grandson played the keys, he might be feeling proud that he is still strong. He might be wishing that his wife could be with him and one thing that I’ve noticed that he seems sorrowful and his eyes are veery sad.

    • Yes, Imma, I agree. The old man has many emotive memories.

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