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Trip to Parliament

On Wednesday this week, Year 6 visited the Houses of Parliament in Westminster Castle. What a wonderful and informative day we had! (I know I learned a great deal myself!). It’s so important that young people are aware of how the laws that affect their lives are made and the role they themselves can play, as citizens, in shaping them. Our trip this week was certainly a great experience for the students and helped them to be more aware about political processes.

As part of our tour, we were able to spend some time watching a parliamentary session taking place in the House of Commons (fortunately all the MPs were on their best behaviour!). We listened as they discussed amendments to a bill. We were also present when a division was called, so MPs came from all around the building to go and cast their vote.

In our workshop, the children made their own mini-parliament. They decided on an issue to be discussed and came up with ideas for a bill. We had a speaker of the house (Timi) who maintained order, and the children shared their views about what could work and what potential issues there could be with the bill. They took votes on different amendments to the bill and eventually, it passed! Our resident monarch (Natalia) finally signed off on the bill to turn it into law.

Ask your kids about what they have learned about our parliament in the UK – they are becoming quite expert!

Her Royal Highness!

“Here here!”

Speaker of the House

“We love democracy!”

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Spanish Lessons

Class 6 have the brilliant opportunity of being taught Spanish every fortnight by Señorita Cabanillas.  This week they have been learning the vocabulary for Clothes.  They loved dressing up a member of their group and then describing their outfits.  Read the online book below to hear just a few of us practising our Spanish.  Enjoy

Class 6 Clothes Book from stleonards on Vimeo.

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