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Tuesday Week 5

Good morning! 🙂

Today’s activities are:

Maths – recognise angles where they meet at a point, are on a straight line or are vertically opposite, and find missing angles

Mrs Santoro’s group:

English – comprehension

PE workout – Joe Wicks’ PE workout

Don’t forget your everyday activities – spelling practise, times tables and reading.

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Monday Week 5

Good morning 6B! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend 🙂

This week’s timetable looks like this:

Today’s activities are:

English – (writing)

Today, you have a series of comprehension questions to answer about Holes. I know most of you don’t have the book at home, so just answer as best you can from memory.

You can either write your answers onto the Word document or handwrite them.

Maths – find unknown angles in triangles

Mrs Santoro’s group:

PE workout – Joe Wicks’ PE workout

Spelling – your words for this week are:

Spelling rule: -sure and -ture endings

  1. measure
  2. treasure
  3. pleasure
  4. enclosure
  5. creature
  6. picture
  7. adventure
  8. nature
  9. furniture

Don’t forget your everyday activities as well – times table practise (check the timetable) and reading.

Your Oddizzi geography pack is here:

Your brain teasers from Mrs Santoro are here:

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Friday Week 4

Every week I am so impressed with all the work that you have been achieving and sending in to me! Thank you so much for all the hard work you have been putting in – I really enjoy getting your emails and reading through your work.

Mrs Santoro has been equally as impressed and has written you a little note:

Today’s activities:

Maths – convert between miles and kilometres

Mrs Santoro’s group:


PE workout – Joe Wicks’ PE workout

Don’t forget your everyday activities – spelling practise, times tables and reading. You could ask your parents to test you on your spelling words.

Answers for maths:

Answers for Mrs Santoro’s maths:

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Thursday Week 4

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all having a lovely week.

Today’s activities are:

IPC – Geography Lesson 4

Tourism is the world’s biggest global industry. Read below to gain a better understanding about it.

There are both positives and negatives involved in the tourism industry. Make a list of the positives and negatives (using bullet points).

Imagine a large company is planning to turn a local area into a major tourist centre. There are plans to build a number of new hotels in the area, as well as a theme park, concert hall and a range of restaurants and cafes.

Write out a list of pros and cons (positives and negatives) for this idea. Think about all aspects that will be impacted – local environment, people, houses, transport, roads, natural resources, economic factors etc.

EXTRA CHALLENGE: choose one side of the argument and write a debate to explain your viewpoint. Why do you think this is the best option?


*** Please note that today’s activity deals with loss and grief. Ask your parents for some help with this activity and whether they think it is appropriate for your current situation. ***

Loss is when we no longer have something/someone that we used to have. Grief is intense sorrow (a feeling of deep distress), especially caused by someone’s death. These can be tricky emotions to deal with, at any age. Unfortunately, all of us will experience loss and grief at some stage in our lives.

Refer to the Loss or Change cards. Place the cards along a continuum from very difficult to cope with, to easier to cope with. (If you are unable to print these, you could write them along the continuum instead). There is no right way of doing this but I encourage you to talk together with your parent/s about each card.

Write a feeling on a post-it note to describe how the person might feel in each situation and stick it underneath each of the Loss or Change cards. (Or write each feeling underneath.)

Explain how we can all go through feelings of grief as difficult changes happen in our lives or if we suffer a specific loss and that there are often a range of feelings we experience through a cycle of grief. Grief and loss of a person or animal we love can be one of the biggest challenges we have to face in our lives.

Look at the PowerPoint (or the PDF document) – this explains the different stages of grief. Talk through these stages with a parent – it might be helpful to find a definition of each word used. Please be reassured that it is normal to experience this range of feelings, that it is a process and that it can take time to move through the stages to acceptance and being able to move on again. Remember, everyone experiences it slightly differently due to the nature of their loss, but it is normal to experience this range of different emotions.

Look at the scenarios of different people dealing with loss and grief. Write out the stages of grief that each person went through, e.g. how were they feeling at different stages, how were they acting etc.

PE workout – Joe Wicks’ PE workout

Don’t forget your everyday activities – spelling practise, times tables and reading.

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Wednesday Week 4

Good morning!

Here are today’s activities:

English – (grammar)

(The answers are at the end of the document.)

IPC – Geography Lesson 3

A lot of places around the world have a Tourist Information Centre. This is somewhere you can visit to speak to someone about the local area, find maps and brochures, buy tickets to attractions and receive recommendations. Do you know anyone who works in a Tourist Information Centre?

Your task today is to create a map of our local area (Streatham and surrounds) for tourists. You need to include things such as attractions, places of interest, restaurants, accommodation, transport and taxi ranks – anything you think a tourist to this area would need to know. Google Maps and Google Earth are great tools to help you with this task.

You can design your map any way you like! You might like to create it by hand, you might want to create it on Paint, you might even want it to look like the real deal and have it folded up with a cover page! Ensure it is colourful and easy to read – we don’t want any tourists getting lost!

PE workout – Joe Wicks’ PE workout –

Don’t forget your everyday activities – spelling practise, times tables and reading.

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