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Tuesday Week 3

Good morning! 🙂

Here are today’s activities:

Maths – multiply one-digit numbers with up to two decimal places by whole numbers

Mrs Santoro’s group:

English – Reading comprehension

PE workout – Joe Wicks’ PE workout

Don’t forget your everyday activities – spelling practise, times tables and reading.

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Monday Week 3

Goooooooood morning everybody! I hope you had a lovely, relaxing weekend and are ready for the week ahead.

Here is our timetable for the week:

Today’s activities are:

English – (writing)

Today you are going to be drawing and writing a description of Camp Green Lake.

In the book, Stanley describes Camp Green Lake using the following phrases:

  • “a dry, flat wasteland”
  • “there’s not much shade in a big dry lake”
  • “the only trees are two old oaks on the eastern edge of the ‘lake’. A hammock is stretched between the two trees, and a log cabin stands behind that”
  • “the land was barren and desolate. He could see a few rundown buildings and some tents. Farther away there was a cabin beneath two tall trees. Those two trees were the only plant life he could see. There weren’t even weeds.”

Using these phrases, draw and colour (or paint!) a picture of what you think Camp Green Lake looks like.

After drawing your picture, write your own description of Camp Green Lake (from what you know so far). Can you use any interesting and exciting adjectives, similes, metaphors or personification?

Maths – associate a fraction with division and calculate decimal fractions equivalents

Mrs Santoro’s group:

PE workout – Joe Wicks’ PE workout

Comment on this post and let me know if you have been doing Joe Wicks’ workouts. Or have you found another fun exercise to do?

Spelling – your words for this week are:

Spelling rule: suffix -ation and -sion

  1. information
  2. sensation
  3. preparation
  4. admiration
  5. expansion
  6. extension
  7. comprehension
  8. tension
  9. confusion
  10. transfusion
  11. supervision

Here is your geography pack for the week:

Here are your brain teasers for the week from Mrs Santoro:

Don’t forget your everyday activities as well – times table practise (check the timetable) and reading.

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Friday Week 2

Good morning everyone.

Again, I want to thank every single one of you who has completed work and emailed it in. I loved reading your alternative endings to The London Eye Mystery – some of you had very practical ideas about where Salim was! I was very jealous reading about your favourite holiday – some of the places I have been to, some I want to go to after reading about all the fun you had there. Well done on keeping up with your maths revision as well, especially all the rules about fractions we have to remember!

Here are today’s activities:

Maths – area of parallelograms

Mrs Santoro’s group


PE workout – Joe Wicks’ PE workout

Don’t forget your everyday activities – spelling practise, times tables and reading. Perhaps you could ask your Mum or Dad to test you on your spelling words?

Here are the answers to the maths this week:

Here are the answers to Mrs Santoro’s maths this week:

Here are the answers to the grammar:

Here are the answers to the comprehension:

Enjoy the weekend when it comes! 🙂

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Thursday Week 2

Good morning!

Here are today’s activities:

IPC – (Knowledge Harvest)

Answer these following questions with as much detail as you can:

  • What types of holiday can you go on?
  • What makes a good tourist attraction?
  • Are all tourists the same? How are they different?
  • What are the positives and negatives of going on holiday?

In this unit, we’re going to be using the word ‘tourism’ a lot. Tourism is when people (tourists) travel to places for recreation and leisure.

Watch this video and answer the following questions:

  1. Why do people take holidays?
  2. Name some of the most popular places people visit in the UK.
  3. Name some of the most popular places people visit abroad.
  4. Have you been to any of the places mentioned?
  5. What type of holidays are becoming more popular?

A big special thank you to Mrs James (who is also a secondary geography teacher) for helping me plan and prepare the lessons in this unit for you!


We all know about our physical health and why it’s important to be physically healthy. But what about our mental health? Mental health is our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act, and helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.

It’s important to take note of our feelings and know that we are not alone. Watch this video to help you understand more about mental health:

Answer these questions:

  • What are the differences between everyday feelings and overwhelming feelings?
  • What are some self-care strategies that we can use to deal with everyday feelings?
  • What are some other things André could do?
  • What can you do if you are worried about a friend?

Everyone’s mental health has suffered lately due to the pandemic. We can’t go about our daily lives, such as going to school, spending time with friends, seeing our grandparents or sitting at the park to enjoy the sun. This means our feelings and emotions are different, and perhaps we’re not feeling the way we usually do.

Watch this video for some advice on how to cope being indoors:

Do you have any other strategies that you have been using?

Finally, let’s look at something positive. Below is a document with a star on it. Write your name in the middle of the star. Write 5 positive qualities that you have inside the star (for example: caring, loving, friendly, honest, funny). Give your star to someone else in your household and ask them to write 5 positive qualities you have inside the star. Repeat this if you can. (You could also draw a star on a piece of paper and do it that way.)

PE workout – Joe Wicks’ PE workout

Don’t forget your everyday activities – spelling practise, times tables and reading.

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Wednesday Writing Task

Hi everyone!

I’ve just had an email asking a very good question about your writing task for today – where do you start writing your alternative ending from?

I would suggest to start writing from when Ted and Kat get back from the motorcycle show. In the story, Ted then does some thinking and calls the police, and then they arrive at the house with Marcus and read out his statement about his plan with Salim. You can change this part of the story and what happens next.

I can’t wait to read your alternative endings! 🙂

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